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This 3 sibling operation was originally inspired by our father, Jan Brytowski. He is known for his knowledge and passion for dogs. Over our lifetime we have been exposed to almost every breed of dog. Dogs have always been another family member in our household growing up and this still holds true with our children today.  


About 10 years ago he began Bantam Kennels and because of these dogs good health, unique characteristics and undeniably good looks these animals have grown part of all of his childrens lives. Each of us own them and help eachother breed them throughout the year. With that said we breed roughly 1 - 4 litters a year. Not an entirely large establishment. We look to breed quality not quantity. Because we are so inspired and happy with Bantam Mini Bulldogs we would like to share their warmth with everyone looking for the perfect companion. 


What we hope to achieve as a family is to open you up to a new spectrum of bulldog. If you love the bulldog confirmation but can not accommodate their size our dogs are the perfect balance of agility, intelligence and charm yet average 40lbs and under. We are fortunate to have them in our homes as our family pets and companions and hope you attain the same joy with yours. 

One of the most important things to note about

Bantam Kennels is that all of our dogs live in a loving family setting. They are not subject to kennel life, nor are they left alone for long periods of time without human interaction.




From our family to yours, thank you for your interest in this beautiful breed.

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