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Bantams Gingerbread Aka "Ginger"

Born: October 10, 2010 Weight: 42lbs Status: Active

Hard to find a better head on a female. She is striking and loving. She just had her 2nd litter and there are some puppies available on our "Available Puppies" page. 

Bantams Pandora Charm Aka "Pan"

Born: December 15, 2012 Weight: 32lbs Status: Active

"Pan Pan" is a pretty little female. She loves to be with you and loves the outdoors. She is happy hanging out on the back deck or snuggling up under your blankets along side of you. Her first litter is due in September with Xerxes. Be sure to check back for updates.

Bantams Coconut Creme Pie "Coco"

Born: May 15, 2014 Weight: 33lbs Status: In Active

Coco, daughter of Ginger and Rocco is a beautiful addition to Bantam Kennels. We are eager to watch her grow and aid in the creation of the Bantams of the future.

Bantams Bebe Buttons Aka "Bebe"

Born: December 15, 2012 Weight: 27lbs Status:

Sister of Pandora and daughter of Cassie. She has alot of the conformation we are hoping to continue to achieve here at Bantam Kennels. She is very energetic and fun spirited. Loves to play but also loves to relax.   

Bantam's Cass A Frass Aka "Cassie"

Born: Weight 34lbs Satus: Retired

Mother of Pandora and Bebe "Cassie" was a major player in the creation of our line. Over 6 litters and dozens of beautiful puppies. She resides at Bantam Kennels and enjoys hanging out with her daughter Bebe.

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