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    There are currently several variations of the miniature bulldog. Some folks utilize small English Bulldogs to downsize their stock and continue to produce smaller dogs. Other individuals have tried to create their own version of the miniature bulldog by crossing various breeds together. One common denominator in the attempted resurrection of the Miniature Bulldog, or Toy bulldog of the 1800’s has been the use of the French bulldog.  The French bulldog offers a couple unique characteristics, it is smaller than the English bulldog and it was created by the original Toy Bulldog.


    The Toy Bulldog was a miniature variety of the English bulldog popular for several decades of the 19th Century.  Developed from the Old English Bulldog and the Pug, the Toy Bulldog was primarily used as a companion dog.  The Toy Bulldog became especially popular in France where it was used to create the French bulldog.  Disfavored by English breeders who felt that it was a threat to the English bulldog, the breed fell into disfavor and eventually went extinct (‘Toy Bulldog,”2011). 


    There is a difference of opinion as to the origin of the French bulldog, but one ancestor must have been the English bulldog - probably one of the toy variety, of which there were a great number in England around 1860. These toy Bulldogs were sent in large numbers into France, where they were crossed with various other breeds and were given the name Boule-Dog Francais (AKC, 2014)


    Today’s English bulldog is not the same dog discussed in this history. The English bulldog discussed above was one of ferocious attitude and great endurance. These dogs needed to be numb to pain and have a drive that was unmatched by any other breed. Even the original English bulldog itself is believed to be developed from Mastiffs. The English bulldog of today is the work of several individuals in England who believed the breed was worth saving and reconstructing after the need for the bull baiting dog was diminished.


    Throughout History man has felt the need to create and reconstruct. Almost every breed that exists today can be traced back to a mixed origin. Our dogs are several generations removed from the foundation stock utilized to create them. Our foundation stock included the use of Pug, English bulldog and French bulldog. We are especially proud of the breeds utilized as they are forever linked to the original Toy bulldog. Pugs and Old English bulldogs (the original English bulldog) were utilized to create the Toy bulldog and the Toy bulldog was used to create the French bulldog.


   The actual history of the English bulldog is one of the most contested breed histories in the dog world. Opinions about these dogs backgrounds vary and facts are hard to find to support any of them. Breeders are passionate about their own lines and quick to point out flaws and opportunities with other’s dogs. 


















Here at Bantam kennels we love all dogs and are students of the history of many breeds.

We do not feel that our line is better than other lines or variations of the miniature bulldog that exist.

We are simply trying to recreate the Toy bulldog of the 1800’s with our own unique look and characteristics by utilizing foundation stock linked to the original Toy bulldog himself.

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