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 Many people today confuse the MINIATURE BULLDOG with the English bulldog. It is actually not just a smaller English bulldog.


 At Bantam Kennels we are redeveloping the original Miniature bulldog of the 1800’s. The Miniature bulldog resembles the English bulldog with looks however, a much smaller dog, able to withstand the heat of the summer, breathing easier, can take long walks and participate in a much healthier lifestyle. This rare breed has been bred for health, agility and longevity, to be a stable trusted family companion with whom you can enjoy for many years. Through this page we hope to bring you closer to the breed and get to know their infectious qualities.


 All of our dogs are bred with papers meaning they have history, continuously documented genealogy and are registered by a club. They are a rare breed constantly under development,

registered with the ACA and recognized as a Miniature Bulldog. Average weight is 40lbs and under.


We are always available to answer questions, comments or for any litter inquiries.

Bantam Mini Bulldogs

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